Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mark Watson's Earth Summit.

In 2007 Mark Watson was chosen to attend Al Gore's climate project training program and now gives climate change lectures. I missed seeing 'Mark Watson's Earth Summit' in Edinburgh, so was delighted when he did a run at Soho Theatre.

Mark used a slide show and "jokes and facts" to teach us about global warming. We were told of the changes, what had contributed to climate change, what would happen if action wasn't taken, what governments are doing to try and stop climate change and things that we all could do to help ease the problem.

As we entered the room, Mark wrote funny little thoughts on his laptop that were projected onto a screen for the audience to read. It took my back to The 24 Hour show; nice memories.

A thought.

I'd know a lot more if the teachers at school used "jokes and facts".

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