Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The 100 Club Presents: Tim Key.

I booked myself a tickets as soon as I saw the line-up for this gig. Jon Richardson, Anna & Katy, Simon Brodkin, headliner Tim Key and MC David O'Doherty. Oh. My. God!

I took my seat just as David was taking to the stage. He did lots of material from O'Doh-Party, but in little slots. The first slot he did stand-up, and the next he sang a few songs, and the one after that he read from 100 Panda Facts. I hadn't heard one of the verses he sung in 'My Beefs 2009', but a friend told me that it was from 'My Beefs 2008'; it was very funny nonetheless. I loved the way he introduced Tim Key: he called him "cunt-flaps" and told the audience that they were going to get "jizzed all over with poetry" (ha!).

Jon Richardson was the first comedian on. He interacted with the audience a bit and got all embarrassed when someone said they were from Bow and then he said "oh Bow, it doesn't even have an 'o' in it. Wait, it does have an 'o' in it. I was thinking of the French spelling". He did about 5 minutes extra material because he "couldn't end with a mistake".

I'd been meaning to see Anna & Katy for ages as I had a feeling i'd like their comedy. I wasn't disappointed; they were ace! They compliment each other brilliantly throughout their slightly shambolic, often riduculous and random sketches.

Simon Brodkin was clearly trying out new material. Humphrey Ker interviewed Simon Brodkin (who played a famous footballer) and they read their lines off a script. His set was fine, but it needed to be edited and tweaked.

Tim gave a very funny set which was full of improvisation (love it!). He gave up on his poem about dew ("like it of loath it, we're all got an opinion") because it went on too long and had "got a bit long in the tooth".

I loved the part in his set when he talks about his Mum being such a great cook that she's able to whip away the crusts from a pizza and make a stock out of it. He then goes on to say his Dad is a terrible cook and once found him cracking a jar of ragĂș like one would crack an egg, and then calls him a cunt (or a penis or something equally awful depending on the night). On this occasion he called him a cunt and then said that he's never actually called him that before and that he'd give it a go on Christmas. He smiled and then said that he could picture his Dad coming to him on Christmas night with tears in his eyes and asking him "why he'd called him a cunt on Christmas morning".

My favourite poem at the moment is about a girl who has no money and wants to get a joint account with her partner. Her partner then bites her lip and draws blood, and then they're fighting about that and not all the joint account business. It's such a powerful piece.

It was an awesome night of comedy; such a shame that the room was only half full and had an odd vibe.

A thought.

I love it when comedians who i've see lots and lots improvise.

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  1. Jealous. Wish I was there. But seeing him in February :)