Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra/This Ambitious Orchestra

I've had a busy but nice last couple of days in London town.

On Thursday evening I went to Covent Garden with Karena as she wanted to check out a food stall run by a blogger she liked. After we'd located Eat Like A Girl, had a little chat and tasted her smoked salmon we went and schmoozed over frozen yogurt at a quaint little cafe.

On Friday my friend Georgie (who's visiting from Australia) and I went and had dinner on the southbank and then went wondered around London by night. We walked from the London Eye to Big Ben to Trafalga Square to Leicester Square to Piccalilly Circus and then to Green Park. It was the most fun i'd had in ages.

Last night I headed over to Kilburn's 'The Luminaire' to see The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra and This Ambitious Orchestra. I'd seen The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra quite a few times in the past, so I knew i'd like them but This Ambitious Orchestra were a great new discovery.

MFMO played all my favourite songs (I do love 'Maybe' so, so much) and also indulged the audience with a lullaby which was written and arranged by Martin White and sung by Catharine Rogers. I think the song was called 'I Sleep Among The Tall, Tall Flowers'; a great finish to an amazing set.

This Amibitous Orchestra had come all the way from New York and as some band members hadn't been able to make it, MFMO had stepped in. Their songs lacked the whimsical element of MFMO, but they made up for it in rock. The audience were more than willing to bop along to their twisted love melodies, as was I.

A thought.

I'd love to date a musician.

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