Monday, 24 August 2009

Edinburgh Fringe. Day 2.

After having a proper night's sleep I headed down the road to The GRV to see Martin White's 'Accordian Of The Gods'. It was the first show in his Edinburgh run which resulted in a few technical hitches. "B flat" was such a laugh, I can't wait to hear that song again.

Today was the day in which Team Tiernan were finally going to show their support in a 3D way rather than purely virtually. I had only seen Tiernan MC in the past, so it was rather different seeing him do a solo show. I really enjoyed it, a lovely and charming performance (after seeing the show, I now want a badge that says "I am not a concept"). I assume he appreciated our support judging by the smile on his face when we posed for a photo.

Next up was Pajama Men all the way over at Assembly @ George Street. I'd heard only good things about thier show and although I did enjoy it, I wouldn't rave about it. After speaking to a friend who had seen it on an alternative night, I have come to the conclusion that they had an off night. I felt they broke character a lot and their mimes where quite sloppy.

David O'Doherty's O'Doh-Party was one of my highlights of the Fringe. His light-hearted comedy and silly songs are such a joy to watch. He played in a kick-arse venu too which just added to the charm.

The last show of the evening was Daniel Kitson at The Stand. It was a work in progress and i'd heard mixed reviews. It went for a whopping 2 hours and 15 minutes and I have to say that I was a little relieved when it ended. The funny bits were extremely funny, but it really needed to be edited. He seemed to be quite distracted at times and lost his temper with an audience member which made me feel very uncomfortable.

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