Thursday, 6 August 2009

Kick The Plug.

Last night I went to The Wilmington Arms in Farringdon to see 6 Day Riot headline Kick The Plug. The other band performing were called The Mariner's Children (an alternative folk band) who were equally as awesome. I will definitely be checking them out again.

6 Day Riot gave a brilliant set, a lovely mixture of old and new songs and finishing up with one of my favourites 'Ya da da'. The space was just right and I liked being able to feel the music; the double bass and drums pounded on my chest. It was a perfect summer's evening in London town.

A thought.

Twitter was unavailble for a few hours this afternoon and I was absolutely lost without it. I am a twitter addict. Ben Goldacre wrote my favourite tweet(s) today:

"OK hivemind: someone once told me that Daily Mail readers make up the majority of listeners on Radio 4 . True? Provable?/
Because if true, since it's mostly made by Guardian wankers like me, then Radio 4 is like the Guardian marching into the Daily Mail's kitchen/ ...flopping it's cock out and starting to shout in a VERY PATRONISING VOICE."

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