Thursday, 27 August 2009

Edinburgh Fringe. Day 6.

We were up early to catch Robin Ince's celebration of science show 'Carl Sagon Is My God, Oh And Richard Fynman Too' with Isy Lawrence and Peter Buckley Hill. Robin's passion and Isy's rants were a great way to start the day.

In the early afternoon we went to Robin Ince's Book Club featuring Ali McGregor, Helen Arney, Amy Butterworth and Carrie Quinlan. We were read to from some utterly ridiculous books and were treated to some lovely music.

My first ticketed show of the day was Sammy J's '1999'. It told the tale of a teenage boy and the way he dealt with his bully, all accompanied by some truly humerous songs. I think it's very hard not to like Sammy's comedy.

There was a quick dash up the stairs of the Underbelly to see Heath McIvor's 'Randy's Postcards From Purgatory'. Although I enjoyed Randy's tales (through Heath's excellent puppetry skills) the room seemed dead and lifeless.

After making a quick pitstop at the flat for some nutrience, I headed to the Guilded Ballon for Axis Of Awesome. The onstage banter between Benny, Lee and Jordan was so, so funny. My favourite song was 4 Chords, love it!

The last show of the evening was 'Purple Ronnie's Stand-up Poetry Club' at the Udderbelly with Luke Wright, Phil Jupitus and Dockers MC. It was a very cool gig but I just needed my bed and started to a get a little fed-up towards the end.

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