Thursday, 27 August 2009

Edinburgh Fringe. Day 7.

Another day and another early show, this time it was the Collings and Herring Podcast at the Underbelly. Andrew and Richard work so well together and it helped that Mr. Herring was on fire (his words, not mine but it was very true).

I spent the early afternoon packing and then it was off to the Pleasance Courtyard for an evening of entertainment, first up was Pippa Evans followed by Sarah Millican and Tim Key.

I had seen Pippa's preview in London and was quite worried that I may be disappointed. I almost feel ashamed to have thought that; it was truly lovely show. It was based around a variety show (a shambolic one at that) in which she played all the characters, Loretta Maine even made an appearance!

Sarah Millican was another preview i'd seen in London and to be honest, I think i'd enjoyed the preview more. Maybe it was due to the fact that the material was new and exciting for Sarah and myself when I saw it in London....?

Tim Key's 'The Slutcracker' was absolutely frickin' brilliant! I'd caught the preview at The Invisible Dot prior to the Fringe and thought it good but the final cut was something to behold. The set, the slides and the interaction with his sound guy, "Fletch", was made of awesome (Stephen Merchant was in the audience!).

I had bought a ticket to Ali McGregor's Late Nite Variety Nite but it clashed with Tim Key (which was pointed out to me earlier in the day). A few friends were going to see Sammy J In The Forest Of Dreams at midnight and as it was now do-able, I did it. We secured front row seats and I was lucky enough to be plucked from the audience to join Sammy on stage for a very breif dance.

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