Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Edinburgh Fringe. Day 4.

The 24 Hour Show was, by far, the best 24 hours of my life. It's so sad to think that this was Mark Watson's last one (however i'm hopeful that he'll do something equally awesome for future Fringe Festival's).

The show started 20 minutes late due to a few technical hitches and so we could celebrate (we ended up celebrating by singing a Christams Carol. I can't even remember how that came about!) every hour, on the hour, we came up with a new time zone which was named New Scottish Time (20 minutes behind British Summer Time).

Tim Minchin sent a video that was played towards the end of the day. In it he said he didn't know what to say because we may have decided that we weren't going to use verbs. He certainly hit the nail on the head in terms of what goes on during these epic shows.

The best way I can descibe the 24 hour show is to draw similarities to Telethon (a comedy Telethon...?). Nothing seemed to be planned, if you were there and you could contribute then the stage was yours. My favourite contributers were Tim Key, David O'Doherty, Andrew McClelland, Chris Cox, Brendan Burns, Simon Amstell, Dan Walmsley and Teirnan Douieb.

My highlights included "What's the New Scottish Time Mr. Wolf", Teirnan Douieb leading us in an electric boogaloo and The Lovely Band singing Creep. The only thing that annoyed me was when Paul Foot showed up late in the day and drew attention to himself by announcing that he'll purposefully leave 5 minutes before the end.

Twitter played a very important role in the day with tweets being sent out every few minutes which allowed people at home, work etc to join in on the fun. We got lots of re-tweets and feedback about New Scottish Time; very amusing.

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