Friday, 15 January 2010

James Sherwood At The Piano.

I was back at Etcetera Theatre for the second time this week to see James Sherwood At The Piano. I really love this venue for comedy as it's nice and intimate and always seems to draw a lovely and supportive audience.

After being entertained by Sherwood for and hour and a half, I am left slightly baffled as to why he's not that well known as a comedian; his charm and clever musical jokes are very likeable. I'd love to see him playing larger venues with a grand piano.

I loved his comical rant about Frank Sinatra's 'They Can't Take that Away from Me' "the way you wear your hat, the way you sip your tea... There's only one way to wear your hat. On top of your head. The way the Milliner intended. And there's only one way to sip your tea... Otherwise you'd spill it down your hat". His song about the family of bears, I think, will always be my favourite.

A thought.

I'm just one of those obsessive/over-thinking type people.

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  1. I recall hearing him on Radio 4 a few times. He's a jolly amusing chap.