Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mark Watson. Work In Progress. Soho Theatre.

I had tickets to see Mark Watson's 'Work In Progress' at Soho Theatre before Christmas, but something came up (Tim Key et al at the 100 Club) and I had to re-schedule. I'm glad I re-scheduled for this performance, as it had subtitles for the deaf which added some extra laughs. The show is really starting to take shape; a definite start and a definite end (plus embellishments).

I just love ad-libs, especially by comedians that i've seen too many times than is necassary/sane. Tonight Watson veered off on a short rant about Beyoncé saying that 'All The Single Ladies' annoyed him because she was just repeating the same line and then implied she was presumptuous "I think we'll decide how bootylicous you are, Beyoncé". Very funny.

A thought.

Life is too short to hate.

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