Friday, 15 January 2010

100 Club Presents: Greg Davies.

Comedy nights at the 100 Club are always a lot of fun and this one was no exception. The line-up was stunning and featured the likes of Rufus Hound, Colin Hoult (as Anna Mann and Len Parker), Humphrey Ker and David Reed (as Dmitri and Vassily), Edward Aczel, Greg Davies and MC, Phil Nichol.

I find Phil Nichol's stand-up a little off-putting at times (over-animated and loud), his musical comedy is more up my street. It was the first time i'd heard his gay Eskimo song; hilarious.

Rufus Hound started off his set by saying that he'd booked this gig to try out new material, but hadn't written any, so we were going to get the tried and tested stuff. I thought his delivery was a little bit flat and that his jokes on religion had been done to death, but still very enjoyable.

Colin Hoult was my "comedy revelation" for the night; just wonderful. Len Parker's material about open hand/closed fist had me in fits of laughter. I definitaly need to check out more of this man's work.

Dmitri and Vassily (aka Humphrey Ker and David Reed) are very funny chaps; great improvised dialogue, however, I thought their set lost something when they sat down.

I've seen Edward Aczel do the same set a few times now. I do like the bit where he gets the audience to think "what's with that?" after his suggestions.

Greg Davies gave a great headlining set and had the audience in hysterics. He's a bit like that Uncle that most people have who tells funny stories and is genuinely lovely.

There's a great review by Emma McAlpine from Spoonfed here.

A thought.

I could be in a lot of trouble. Only time will tell.

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