Sunday, 17 January 2010

Soho Theatre. Cardinal Burns. Frisky And Mannish.

I'm so in love with Soho Theatre that i'm considering popping the question. Can you marry a theatre? They really have the best comedy shows in London and it's possible to see two shows in one night; awesome! Tonight's double bill was Cardinal Burns followed by 'Frisky and Mannish's School Of Pop'.

I'm really really digging sketch comedy at the moment and sketch comedy doesn't get much better than Cardinal Burns. All skits were very funny and their characters, spot-on. Class act.

I'd never witnessed the brilliance that is Frisky and Mannish before; just wow! Felicity Fritz-Frisky (aka Laura Corcoran) oozes charisma and her vocal range and impersonations are incredibly good (particularly enjoyed her Lilly Allen). Hansel Amadeus Mannish (aka Matthew Jones) has an immense amount of dancing and musical talent (he looks rather handsome in make-up and leggings). Quite the duo.

Their website gives the best description of what they like to call "twisted pop cabaret":

"They apply their academic style to every major pop icon from the past thirty years, ignore the inherited assumptions, and discover the underlying meaning, often far removed from the one universally accepted.

You want to know what to know what's actually going on beneath the vacuous pop propoganda of Lilly Allen, Chesney Hawkes, Girls Aloud, George Michael, Kate Nash and the Pussycat Dolls, among others? Come willing to learn, and you will leave with plenty."

Seriously, without a doubt, the best cabaret act I have ever seen.

A thought.

Tiernan Douieb (@TiernanDouieb) is the best at Twitter. On Sunday night he organised a #TwitterBrawl, which was so much fun and very very funny (he is also the brainchild of @tweetcomedyclub).

These where the rules (love it!):

RULES! 1) There are no rules! Except for the few that follow. Which means there are rules. Hang on. I'll start again.
RULES 2) Use whatever you want to brawl with. This includes chairs, other people, cacti, moose, spoons etc.
RULES 3) As already broken by @jonnywmills, so smack him up big time. It starts at 8pm!
RULES 4) Despite being a classic Western brawl, feel free to use phrases like 'Bring the muthafucking rawkus!' or 'I'm gonna lay the bitchin' smackdown!' I will be using both of these lots.
RULES 5) Everyone is involved in #twitterbrawl. Even if they aren't taking part in 'twitterbrawl. Hit anyone you like.
RULES 6) Cheesy action hero catchphrases are fully condoned. Saying 'spondoolicks' isnt.
RULES 7) If any law enforcement arrives...we smack them in their law faces too! And fire bridge. But not Chuck Norris.
RULES 8) There will be a man on a piano. If you attack him please make sure you provide the correct noises.

I think Tom Searle (@tomsearle) won. If not, he should have done.

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