Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Slutcracker.

Would I go as far as saying that this is the best comedy show I have ever seen? Probably. It was my second time seeing Tim Key's Edinburgh Award winning show 'The Slutcracker' and, once again, it left speechless.

I adore The Invisible Dot Office and it was the perfect venue (small, intimate and a little bit different) to showcase this stunning show.

There are so many things I want to mention, so (in an attempt to prevent rambling) i'm going to write some lists of favourites.

The best bits.

Fletch, Tim's tech guy, plays a rather significant role in the show and is just brilliant (in my humble opinion). The banter between the two is very funny - I especially liked "Fletch, you are more or less in comedy".

How the show is broken up into different sections.

The various short films throughout; totally in love with 'Prologue'!

A headband wearing Key standing on top of a filing cabinet reading out a poem that is beautiful and tragic simultaneously.


Tim took his baton and "chinked" a chain dangling above his head (it was used to hang his jacket) and exclaimed "if you've got it, use it".

A police car drove past the venue with its sirens blazing and Tim quipped "sometimes they don't even know they're doing it".

Towards the very end of the show Tim stood by the entrance, slammed the door and said "if they're not here by now".

Fletch turned off the lights and shone a torch directly into Tim's eyes, to which Tim retorted "don't blind your employer, my friend".

Tim stood on/squashed a cake in an attempt to cross the stage without touching the floor, he turned to the audience and explained "I guess the phrase that springs to mind here is: don't tread it in. Well, that's what my Mum would say" (my Mum says that too!).

Moments of unease (the bits where Key says/does something that makes the audience squirm with discomfort).

Tim: [Poem] ... shoved his dick in Caroline. [to Sam; audience member] Have you done it?
Sam: Yes
Tim: Well, obviously not in Caroline. What was it like?
Sam: Warm.
Tim: I don't really think that's what they'd like to hear. What will you say next time?
Sam: It was lovely.
Tim: Yeah, it was lovely.

Tim stared directly at a lady in the front row and said "I want to have sex with you at least 100 times in the first 3 months". Tim took a really long pause (still staring at this girl) before reaching into his jacket pocket for his notebook and explaining that he couldn't remember the poem.

Fletch started playing a trumpet over a poem at and Tim shouted "DON'T LOOK AT HIM!".

A thought.

My friend, Anna, did a podcast and in it said [paraphrased] "people laugh differently at Tim Key gigs to anywhere else. Some people will not get it at all and find it quite off-putting, while others will kill themselves laughing in a way that you only do with your friends. The lack of punchlines, means the laughs are quite sparadic because people will find different things funny"- I couldn't agree more.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for posting all the little details :) And thanks for the link too, of course!

  2. Reading this makes me want to go and see it even more! I shall have to investigate. :D