Sunday, 10 January 2010

Love Lost In The British Retail Industry.

I have seen a lot of Isy Suttie over the past year or so, but had yet to see her peform an entire show. I braved the snowy/icy London weather on Thursday night to see the run-through of 'Love Lost In The British Retail Industry' at the Hen and Chickens (which is now on it's way to the Sydney Arts Festival).

Her myspace page says "Sometimes I do characters like an old jazz singer or an American singersongwriter. Mostly I mix it up a bit so I am myself and other people a bit", which sums up her style of comedy rather nicely. To be honest, I was expecting her style/show to be quite similar to Tom Basden's.

I enjoyed her musical/whimsy/adorable/(sometimes) dark/(sometimes) dirty love story set in her hometown of Matlock. I love the fact that she's not afraid to be a little bit cooky and ridiculous.

With 10 minutes to spare at the end of the show, Isy decided to do a question and answer. An audience member asked her one question before she turned the questions on the audience and we all ended up giving her relationship advice; very funny.

A thought.

I read Chris Addison's 'Cautionary Tales For Grown-ups' on the train today (loved it!) and was quite surprised that it is written in verse.

I had a dream once where I was having curry at a restaurant with my parents and Chris Addison and Tim Key decided to join the end of our table (Addsion and Key seemed to be very good friends). I thought it was weird that my brain had coupled them together. As it turns out, not that weird.

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