Friday, 3 July 2009

Zzzzz. A Tired, Busy Bee.

This week was full of comedy and scepticism and magic and old friends and new friends.... certainly one to remember.

On Tuesday evening I sat through one pretty awful Edinburgh preview and an awesome preview from Gavin Osborn and Isy Suttie, who sang duets as well as individual songs. I couldn't pick a favourite out of the wide selction they played, I love them all equally.

On Wednesday I went to Sceptics in the Pub to see Ben Goldacre and friends speak to the masses. We caught Vaughan's 40 minute set before having heading off to The Canal Cafe to see Chris Cox's preview; Mind Over Patter.

An entertaining preview, even when it was a little shambolic at times. I'm looking forward to seeing the final take at Edinburgh.

Last night I went to the last ever Laughter in Odd Places that was being held at the Museum of London. There were quite a few comedians on the bill, but due to the clashing time slots I only managed to see Terry Saunders, Gavin Osborn and Tim Key.

Terry Saunders and Tim Key performed at the Grassy Knol; a lovely leafy area outside the museum complete with cushions and picnic rugs. It was the first time I had seen Terry Saunders and I just thought he was fantastic. He told a little story about two lines people (wimbledon theme) that fell in love.

Tim Key is just my absolute favourite performer at the moment, he just blows me away with his comedic/poetic talent. I am a bit chuffed that I now own a Museum of London map with his scrawl (even if I was a coward and didn't ask him to sign it myself).

Gavin Osborn performed in the Medieval Room. It was the 3rd time i'd seen him perform this week and he went down really well with the audience. I love his songs/music (which would probably fall under the whimsical genre) and I am so glad he sang the song about the checkout man.

A thought.

I have lovely and intelligent friends and I love with all my heart.

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