Monday, 13 July 2009

Inflate Me.

Last night I went to Regent's Park Open Air Theatre to see Adam Hills. The setting, the crowd and just the down-right brilliance of this man made it a night to remember.

The evening got off to a shakey start as Mr Hills dealt with stage-entering problems, late comers and a present from the audience.

I'd say that a large proportion of the audience were Australians and he played this like a true professional. I gave a little bit of a squeek when he said he was going to finish with his Jimmy Barnes inspired Australian National Anthem.

I laughed until I cried and leared how to sign "fuck you and fuck you all". My favourite joke of the night was to do with the recession. "The recession to me is like a clown molestering my Dad. I know it's going to affect me, but until it happens I just don't know how."

A thought.

I wonder if my friends think i'm an inflatable person?

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