Sunday, 20 June 2010

Return Of The Tardy Blogger. Again. Week Two.

Broadcast 2ooo At Wilton's Music Hall.

I adore this venue - old, beautiful and full of charm. Most music gigs I go to have a maximum of 2 support band who are extremely mediocre compared to the headliner, but this gig was different. Hyperpotomus, Matthew & the Atlas and Matt Corby were all stunning in their own right. The audience were extremely polite throughout all the acts and completely absorbed themselves in the music. Completely ACE.

Broadcast 2000
played unplugged for 'That Sinking Feeling' (snippet at 3.30) and it was the most beautiful thing my ears have ever heard. They also did an amazing cover of Regina Spektor's 'Us'.

There's a great review here.

Alex Horne. Odds Preview.

This preview at the Canal Café Theatre was the first for Alex Horne's new show, 'Odds'. It's about Alex's love of gambling and discusses numbers, the universe and quantum physics. It's got some kick ass power point! Also, I gained some knowledge.

TV Recording: Fast And Loose.

This was a rather exciting recording (long, but exciting) because it was by the same guy that brought us Who's Line Is It Anyway? The guests, Humphrey Kerr, Greg Davies, Justin Edwards, Laura Solon, Marek Larwood and Pippa Evans played a variety of improvisation games. It was hosted by Hugh Dennis.

The Popsocks. Dublin Castle.

My friends and I went to see The Popsocks after going out to dinner to celebrate a birthday - it was a very pleasant evening. This band rocks, end of. Oh and, I totally heart the bass player. End, end of.

Nick Mohammed. Mr. Swallow Preview.

A real corker of a show! Long story short, Nick Mohammed plays Mr. Swallow, a teacher who goes about educating his audience in the mysteries and methodology of the human memory. You'll never think of tea bags in the same way again. I really hope this show gets a nomination.

A thought.

I love daylight savings so much. Why is my home town of Perth in Western Australia so against the idea? No clue...

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