Sunday, 20 June 2010

Return Of The Tardy Blogger. Again. Week One.

I'm only letting myself down by not blogging for five weeks. My excuse: I was sick for a week and then got distracted by shopping/fashion/reading/dieting.


I enjoyed this preview more so than the last. Again, Dan hosted and Jon and Lloyd were contestants. I think it would be a whole lot funnier if the contestants said aloud everything they thought. Loyd is my favourite Git (controversial!) and "Duck or Cannibal" was my favourite round.

I spent the remainder of the evening chatting to friends in the bar and met an Irish guy that reminded me of David O'Doherty. Fun.

Horne Section.

Without a doubt, the best preview i've seen and best comedy show in London at the moment. Think comedy, jazz, games, singing, power point and audience participation. The 2 comediens joining Alex Horne and band were Tim Key (who used the band to their full potential) and Lloyd Woolf.

Again, I spent the remainder of the evening chatting to friends in the pub including 2 people whom I only get to speak to on the internet. Best night out in a very long time.

Knock2Bag Presents Tom Basden.

I was so tired but the line-up was awesome: Thomas Craine, Joel Dommett, Lloyd Woolf, Tom Basden and MC, Holly Walsh.

This was the first time i'd seen Joel Dommett and I thought he was very, very good. I've now booked to see him in Edinburgh and i'm really looking forward to it.

Tom Basden did a "Mark Watson at The Fix Bloomsbury gig" - out of character, but extremely hilarious. He took requests from his fans in the audience and got a random guy to go home for his "swapsies" who later joined him on stage to act out a chapter of his book, 'New Moon'. You couldn't make it up...

Museum Of Curiosity.

I was very lucky to get tickets to the greatest Museum of Curiosity line-up ever: Sarah Millican, Neil Gaiman and David Eagleman. See?!

I knew of David Eagleman the least, but found him the most facinating. I really must get his book, 'Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives'. Neil Gaiman confessed to killing Batman; brilliant.

The Roman Bath.

I'm not going to lie, I went and saw this becuase Lloyd Woolf was in it. He played a lifeguard and gave the best performance in my opinion (very Cowards), but i'm biased.

This was British premiere of the 'The Roman Bath' by Bulgarian playwrite, Stanislav Stratiev - a comedy set in 1974. The Guardian gives a highly professional and concise review here.

Mark Watson's Football Shambles.

This gig was organised to raise money for the Pohnpei football team (Mark's brother, Paul, is the manager). I'm not really a football fan, but when it was described as "in the spirit of the 24 Hour Show", I just had to go.

It was completely shambolic, something that Mark Watson does very well, but fun. I would have liked a little bit more banter between Paul and Mark/Tiernan and Mark. Also a set from Joel Dommett or Simon Bird would have been ace - I didn't think their presence was used to the full potential.

Seann Walsh, Matt Forde, and John Robins (incredibly drunk) all did a set and Tom Rosenthal got his mate, Frances Vu to show off some very impressive football skills.

A thought.

The biggest fashion faux pas? Open-toed shoes and stockings.


  1. Hooray for the return of the review blog! All sounds excellent and The Horne Section was indeed absolutely amazing.

  2. I don't know how you manage to blog almost everyday, sir. I'm finding it very difficult to remember events from a month ago, but i've only got myself to blame.