Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Live At The Chapel. Mark Watson.

I was feeling rather rough at this gig, little did I know that my sore throat and achy limbs would turn into a nasty cold that would see me bedridden for 3 days. Tom Basden, Angelos Epithemiou, Sean Hughes and MC, Arthur Smith and headliner Mark Watson was not a line-up to be missed; i'm so glad I got sick the day after and not before.

Tom Basden went down an absolute treat and rightly so. He read from his novel, 'New Moon' in between songs. I find the line "... cut him out of his wooly prison" from the novel, which refers to a sex scene where the main character is cut out of a cardigan, hilarious.

I love Mark Watson's series of funny stories that constantly seem to change direction; one never quite knows where you are going to end up. He finished his set with the tale of his Uncle in law (?) that sounds like he is saying "Hiroshima" when he sneezes. Mark went on to say he doesn't know how to respond when this happens, but perhaps he should say "Nagasaki". It makes me giggle just thinking about it.

A thought.

I miss my Mummy more than ever when I am sick. Fending for myself when I feel like death warmed up is horrible.

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