Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tardiness. Week Three.

Lists and Summaries of the weeks events. Normal service resuming shortly. Promise.

Gavin Osborn - 'Meeting Your Heroes'.
A good mix of old and new songs, which included all my favourites. The acoustics in this particular venue at the Battersea Arts Centre didn't do Osborn any favours which was such a shame.

Tom Adams - 'Dropped as a Child'.
I've been meaning to catch Tom's show ever since last summer when I saw (and enjoyed) him perform at the The Invisible Dot's Inauguration Party.

I like his image, stage persona and dark humour in his songs. His guitar playing reminds me a bit of Tom Basden. Most enjoyable.

Party - Recording of Episode 4.
I adored this episode; full of the hilarious quotes (and a new setting!). Some friends had come over from Germany for a few days and came to the recording, we were reciting memorable lines for hours afterward "I think your car could kill a baby, Mel" "Thank you very much, Duncan".

Los Campasinos - KOKO. I'd only listened to Los Campasinos on MySpace before deciding to book tickets. They were a lot rockier that I thought, but still very good. I like most bands with a glockenspiel and a violin (like Broadcast 2000). I was standing in front of the stage during the support bands and then decided to move to the balcony as I couldn't see. I'm really glad I did because the area where I was once standing turned into a mosh pit.

Colin Hoult - 'Carnival of Monsters'
This show had been recommended to me by quite a few people, so I thought i'd better see it (at the Battersea Arts Centre) before it no longer existed. Colin Hoult's comedy shows, laden with characters, are quite theatrical. The audience play a big part in creating the funnies, and this audience, was a good one.

A thought.

I love the idea behind Mark Watson's Ten-Year Self-Improvent Challenge. As a fan, it's really nice to feel involved.

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  1. I like your blogs. Yup.

    And I'm very much jealous of your comedic and musical outings. Yup yup.