Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Slutcracker. Arts Theatre.

The Arts Theatre wasn't the best space for 'The Slutcarcker', but I enjoyed the performance nonetheless. Tim Key seemed to be particularly playful.

Really liked how Tim started in the audience and the start of the show signified by a spot-light shining down on him while this song was played.

Memorable moments included shouting at a man in the front row for not getting up to take Tim's beer (we were encouraged to call him a cunt and "say things about his v-neck jumper") and Key ripping off the sole of his shoe as it had been annoying him for a while (he then completed the show with "one-third less shoe" which "wasn't EASY!").

This performace was lacking Fletch (his tech person) and during the part where he plays trumpet over the top of a poem, a pretty violinist was drafted in. After the poem Key said "you know you've got an interesting job when you have to advertise for a fit violinist on Gumtree".

I found a brilliant photo of Key climbing over the audience with his baton and green headband on Twitter.

A thought.

We have too many staff members at the moment, it makes work incredibly boring.

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