Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tardiness. Week Two.

Week 2 of my tardiness means more lists and summaries, i'm afraid.

Love Haiti - Fundraiser.
This was a very very long gig and on a Sunday night which was rather exhausting, really. The Wilton's Music Hall is an incredible venue, but the seats were very hard and I spent the majority of the evening with a sore bottom.

Jarred Christmas, The Penny Dreadfuls (doing Victorian sketches!) and Rufus Hound were the best acts of the night, all the rest were pretty mediocre. Wingnut were absolutely dire.

Jonny Sweet - Mostly About Arthur.
This was my 3rd time seeing Jonny Sweet's award winning show and I could probably go and see it again and enjoy it just as much as the 1st time I saw it. The audience participants were a bit rubbish, though. I have shamefully been quoting lines from the show ever since.

Tim Key - The Slutcracker.
There was quite a lot of material missing from this particular performance of 'The Slutcracker', but by no means did it lack in enjoyment. I loved when Key made a topical reference to the Winter Olympics by comparing the lady that was holding his beer and her partner to a two-man bobsled team. His finishing poem is completely moving; I love sitting amongst a packed and silent audience who are hanging onto his every word.

The Popsocks.
This was my first Popsocks gig and I had the best time! Stefan Golaszewski, of Cowards fame, is the lead singer; he's rather lifeless (my goodness, he has a piercing gaze) while his band go absolutely mental in the background.

Crash Test Comedy.
The line-up was awesome; Idiots of Ants, Delete the Banjax, Cardinal Burns and The Penny Dreadfuls. The Penny Dreadfuls were by far the best act, I particularly liked their sketch about the American broker and his intern (talcum powder FTW).

A thought.

When Dad ends emails with "i hope u are really enjoying yourself over there and although i miss you terribly, i am filled with admiration of the person you have grown into and how you have followed your dreams !", having a little cry is inevitable.

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