Thursday, 11 March 2010

Popcorn Comedy.

The Tabernacal is an amazing venue and at this particular event, there was a pretty star-studded audience.

The first half was mainly funny films by various people (Man vs Toddler was my favourite), 3 sketches from Cardinal Burns (and 2 short films) and some impressions from Peter Serafinowicz. The second half included a bunch of improvisational games based on topical news stories called 'Funny or Die' - "The Blue Team" (which included Mike Wozniac) vs "The Red Team" (which included Humphrey Ker and William Andrews) and hosted by Sara Pascoe.

I couldn't stop laughing at William Andrews who had to convince his opponent that he was a homeless Lady Gaga. Andrews gave Gaga a Welsh accent and his opponent's first guess was "you're Lady Gaga who has just discovered her love of Gavin and Stacey?" to which came the reply "I think the accent is a bit of a curve ball; just ignore it". Hilarious.

A thought.

I hate my new roommate. Lots and lots.

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  1. I'm still deeply jealous of the amount of comedy you get to see. Great to have the blog back though. Sorry about the roommate... I mean, I don't know them or anything, but sorry.