Thursday, 25 June 2009

Face Hurt.

It's been such a busy week and now i'm buggered.

On Monday I went to my first sceptics in the pub. I was so nervous about going but was fine once I got there and located friends. We heard from Professor Bruce Hood who spoke mostly about the supernatural.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I went to 'Fat Tuesday' in Islington to ckeck out Edinburgh previews from Pete Firman, Richard Herring, Tiffany Stevenson and Andrew Maxwell.

Andrew Maxwell had me laughing so much that I had face ache.

I bought a new hat and top to wear to Wimbledon. The hat is made of awesome and I bought the top to match the hat. You'll be surpirised to hear that they're not black.

A thought.

I tried to think about which duvet cover I had on my bed today and I didn't know. I've been galavanting too much.

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