Sunday, 25 December 2011

Recap. October. 2011.

Robin And Partridge: Secret Adventure Club. Various Secret Locations.

The audience were split into 4 groups depending on the item they brought along/what they wore; those who wore all black belonged to Project Mayhem, those who brought a poetry book belonged to Les Bohems, those who brought a houmous sandwich belonged to Greeks and those who wore a hack hat belonged to Hacks.

Some of the acts included Thom Tuck, Jessica Fostehew, Chris Coxen, We Are Goose, Ben Target, Doctor Brown and Paper Tiger.

The hipster that assisted Doctor Brown almost outshone the comic. Just brilliant.

Demitri Martin. Leicester Square Theatre.

What a treat to see this marvelous American comic in London. I also got to hang out with my friend, James (above), who came down from Edinburgh for the gig. I just wish I hadn't been so damn tired.

Ward & White: Fun Haus. The Camden Head.

Ward and White are among my favourite collaborators. Everything they touch turns to comedy gold.

Jerusalem. Apollo Theatre.

A gift from my awesome friend, Kate. WOAH. Give this play and Mark Rylance ALL THE AWARDS.

Helen And The Space Rocket. Etcetera Theatre.

A lecture about a librarian's favourite space probe, Voyager. Pure joy.

Max & Ivan: Are Homes And Watson. Leicester Square Theatre.

I had so much trouble trying to get a ticket to see this in Edinburgh. Absolutely cracking show! I have to go and see it again. Ivan Gonzalez, you are the greatest.

Nick Mohammed And Brendan Patricks: A Magic Show. The Invisible Dot.

Impressive. Great tricks, wonderful chemistry. Nick Mohammed "whited up" for the occasion.

A thought.

Not sure if packing up my London life and moving back to Perth will make me happy, but I can't take much more of this homesickness.

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