Sunday, 25 December 2011

Recap. December. 2011.

Humphrey Ker Is Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher. Pleasance Theatre.

Fantastically written and wonderfully performed. Kudos.

Karaoke Circus. Bethnal Green Working Man's Club.

The official start of Christmas. Best performance: Tony Gardner (yes, that is my woop at the start of the video).

The Leisure Society Meets The Heritage Orchestra. Barbican.

Supported by Lonely Deer. Absolutely fantastic gig, my only regret was that I was very tired and had to rest my eyes for the last couple of songs.

Tim Key: Masterslut. Soho Theatre.


Freeze! Duke Of York Theatre.

Tim Key was on fine form. There may have been alcohol involved.

The Joy Of Sketch. Lyric Theatre.

The Penny Dreadfuls, Pappy's, Will & Greg, Idiots of Ants, Late Night Gimp Fight, Pajama Men, 2 Episodes Of Mash and Anna & Katy. Enough said.

I recommend reading Anna's review of the evening.

Ben Target And Robin & Partridge Work In Progress. Hen And Chickens.

Robin & Partridge are my new favourite comics. If you haven't seen them, please rectify this IMMEDIATELY.

Sheeps: Festive Bash. The Invisible Dot.

Sheeps are damn good, y'all. Mr. Swallow had some gripes about The Twelve Days of Christmas; funny.

Sam Simmons: Meanwhile. Soho Theatre.

I love this guy! Seriously. Songs and dancing and lots of sillyness. Also, profound.

Again, I recommend reading Anna's review.

9 Lessons And Carols For Godless People. Bloomsbury Theatre.

This has become a Christmas tradition; such a charming gig. Highlights included Robin Ince, Richard Herring, Jo Neary... oh and NEIL HANNON!!

A thought.

My last Christmas in the UK for quite some time and i've only just got used to celebrating in the cold.

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