Sunday, 5 June 2011

Alex Horne: Ten Years In The Bathroom. Canal Cafe Theatre.

A lovely, lovely preview from Alex Horne about the average amount of time we spend doing certain things in our lifetime. This is, by far, my favourite Horne show to date. I can't wait to see the finished show in Edinburgh - it's almost there.

A thought.

I'm a fan of both of these people and this Twitter exchange made me quite upset.

Tom Rosenthal: @danielrigby "I've won a Bafta so I don't need to gig" the genuine highlight of our in-depth conversation on the art of stand-up comedy... We've got the same amount of followers. You're not famous yet. Genuinely very hurt otherwise I wouldn't feel the need to do this... Just wanted to chat about being an actor who does stand-up.

That was that. LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Probably nothing as we're both nothings. Hear that, mate? We're both bloody nothings... Although, hang on. No, still nothing.

Daniel Rigby: @rosentweets Just woke up to your very public character assassination. I didn't say what you put in quotes and was a bit drunk... I don't think i'm famous and i'm sorry if one encounter has given you such a wrong impression of me... I'm sorry as well if I "hurt your feelings". I really didn't mean to. It was a drunk conversation... Completely baffled and hurt by your choice to do that based on 1 meeting with someone you don't know. Rude and aggressive.

They're appear to be "all good" now, but still. Evil Twitter, evil.

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