Sunday, 19 June 2011

Feature Spot Presents: Miles Jupp. 100 Club.

Feature Spot continues to put on a great comedy night at the 100 Club. The line-up at this gig included the likes of Kevin Eldon, Arnab Chanda, Doc Brown, Miles Jupp and MC, Humphrey Ker.

Having forgotten about the gig and sporting a bit of a cold, Eldon gave a great set that set the course for the rest of the night. I really enjoy his routine with a black bit of tape on the end of a stick - clever.

Arnab is so god-damn good at stand-up. I love his jokes. I like his style. Kinda wished he hadn't said "yeah, i'm going to kill myself soon".

Doc Brown bought the house down! Absolutely killed it. It was great to see the older, middle class couple in front of me really getting into the raps.

Miles Jupp is a very nice man. Never has a comedian come up to me while I was doing the door and introduced themselves. I mean, there's no need, i'm just a silly little girl marking names off a list, but it was very lovely. He gave quite a long set that very much appealed to the audience.

I wish Humphrey Ker could MC every gig I go to. So brilliant. I adore his turn of phrase.

A thought.

Comedy, bunker-style is the bomb. Hooray for Oxford St and their roadworks. (Half of this is sarcastic).

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