Sunday, 19 June 2011

Operation Greenfield. Soho Theatre/Government Inspector Preview. Young Vic Theatre.

I would've kicked myself if i'd missed Operation Greenfield during it's run at Soho Theatre; it received brilliant reviews at last year's Fringe and during the tour.

The play showed the growth of a teenage religious rock band over the space of, say, a year. It culminated at a band competition which Operation Greenfield end up winning.

The 4 young performers from Little Bulb Theatre Group were all incredibly talented (acting/singing/playing several instruments).


The preview for Government Inspector was a tad long and I lost interest towards the very end. Stunning cast who all gave wonderful performances, especially Fergus Craig, Julian Barratt, Amanda Lawrence and Kyle Soller. I'm sure it has improved since I saw and is more than deserving of 5 star reviews.

Due to my rubbishness (is so a word) at writing reviews, i'm going to link you to Anna's blog.

A thought.

I only have thoughts worth noting down when i'm extremely tired.

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