Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ten-Year Self-Improvement Challenge. Update Four.

Five months in! That went fast. The fourth update is late - no surprise there. My challenges can be found here. Now let's begin.

1) I was half-way through 'Bad Science' by Ben Goldacre and then I bought 'Eleven' by Mark Watson and HAD to read it as soon as possible. My goodness it was good! I devoured it 4 days; taking the bus instead of the tube and even reading before bed.

I thought all the characters were great, especially Xaviour and Pippa. Lots of the characters intertwined without actually meeting which was very clever, I also liked the lovely little descriptions and throw-away facts upon introduction.

A real page turner. I highly recommend it.

2) I'm not doing too well at this. I'm considering dropping it and maybe set a scrapbooking challenge which i've been meaning to do for 3 years. I'm just way too shy around people I don't know and just the thought of talking to strangers makes me panic. I stumbled on my words when asking Reggie Watts for his signature and then beat myself up about it on the way home.

I have kept clippings from newspaper/magazines and concert tickets for aaaaaages and i'd really like to scrapbook them for safe keeping. Organisation will be a self-improvement. Self-confidence will, hopefully, come with time (the weight loss is helping a bit already).

3) Um. This is turning out to be trickier than I thought, there really aren't enough hours in the day. I blogged about Latitude Festival and it received 75 views in 2 days! I was well chuffed.

It's one week until I head up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and i'm determined to catch up on a month's worth of blogging before then. Wish me luck.

4) Need to do better. To be honest, i'm dieting and my thoughts are all about food at the moment...

5) I wrote to my Uncle who I hadn't spoken to in months and months. We're planning to catch up when I go home in March; good stuff. This morning I sent an email to an old friend and got quite a long reply. Not too sure what to say about this, though:

"i joined the liberal party and the young libs so have been pretty busy being involved in all that but i luvvvvv it, its way awes. it is what comedy is to you, to me. i have found somewhere i belong lol".

6) This is going great guns! I have now lost 8 kilos! YESSSSSSS.

A thought.

I'm doing pretty well on my Mark Watson spotting. Bring on Edinburgh, I say. Points, points, points.

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