Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Latitude Festival. Day Four.

Rough (looks-wise). Hot (weather-wise).

11.00 Film & Music Arena: Armina Present Animagica. 3 talented musicians provided the arrangements for 3 short films; pretty incredible.
12.15 BAFTA: Q&A with the cast of The Inbetweeners. It was hosted by Rick Edwards. I enjoyed seeing the cast's favourite scenes and hearing about some on set stories. Blake Harrison robot danced!
13.30 Adam Buxton: BUG. Buxton did a condensed version of the set he did at the 100 Club. While a few tech problems were fixed he sang the Festival Song.
14.30 Comedy Arena: Marlon Davis. Not my cup of tea.
15.00 Mark Watson. He had lots of fun with the kids in the front row and swore loads. A 9 year old mouthed the word "cunt" at Mark after he'd asked the young boy if he knew the "4 letter 'C' word".
15.35 Oblisk Arena: Mumford and Sons. Soooo good, but their set was way too short.
16.00 Abandoman.
16.30 Rufus Hound. He had his face painted like a hound; ha!
17.00 Richard Herring. Accompanied by a signer.
17.50 Simon Evans. A little bit old fashioned for my liking.
18.20 Emo Philips. As good as i'd hoped.
19.30 Literary Arena: Q&A with Emily Woolf. I didn't know who she was, but I managed to get a cushion and wasn't moving.
20.20 Robyn Hitchcock. The talky-bits in between the songs were hilarious.
20.30 Joel Dommett. I like Joel Dommett.
20.50 Mark Watson - Eleven. The funniest and most entertaining book reading i've ever been to. Mark only managed to read the first page after he'd engaged in some audience banter, told some anecdotes about the book, talked about his day, answered some questions and announced that he was drunk. I managed to buy the last copy of the book and get it signed - yay!
22.05 Jim Bob - Storage Stories.
00.00 The Waterfront Stage: Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn's Stories for the Starlit Sky. I fell asleep. Sadface.

A thought.

I love Latitude. Lots and lots and lots.

All the photos used in my Latitude blogs are courtesy of Maddie. Maddie has cool hair and glasses.

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