Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Summer Blogging Vacation. July.

This is going to be long. Strap in, folks.

5th: John-Luke Roberts and Jonny Sweet previews at The Invisible Dot HQ.

It was the first time i'd seen John-Luke Roberts and thought he was ACE. I was a little bit worried after seeing Jonny's preview. I shouldn't have worried, the finished show was bloody good.

10th: The Penny Dreadfuls at Greenwich Theatre. Fullmooners at Undererbelly on the Southbank.

I spent the day in Hyde Park with some lovely Watsonians before heading to Greenwich.

A very polished preview by The Penny Dreadfuls; I love Mr. Princess. Steve Hughes, Adam Bloom and Abandoman were the guests at Fulllmooners. Sir Tim saved a tree from catching on fire during the last post - HILARIOUS.

14th: Robin Ince's Bad Book Club at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Neil Edmond did some brilliant miming while Robin read from his killer crab books and 'The Secret World of Men'. Joanna Neary did some wonderful character performances - she's ace. Ronnie Golden and Phill Jupitus also gave good sets.

21st: Carl Donnelly and Jon Richardson previews at Fat Tuesday.

Carl Donnelly made my face ache from laughter. Wasn't that impressed with Jon; he seemed pretty up tight.

23rd: From Russia With Love at St. Anne's Church.

I went to see the Docklands Sinfonia because Nick Mohammed was playing violin. It was so good! Especially the Trumpet Concerto with Philip Cobb.

24th: Mark Watson - Do I Know You? at Riverside Studios.

A few Watsonians and I went to see one of Mark's last previews ahead of the Fringe Festival. The battenburg and sneezing bits still slay me.

25th: Antiquity Recording at BBC Broadcasting House.

Written by John-Luke Roberts and Gareth Gwynn and performed by Nadia Kamil, William Andrews, David Reed, Tim McInnery and Andrew Sachs. LOVED IT! More please, BBC.

27th: Gutted at Riverside Studios.

This was the second and final full run through of Gutted before they took up residence at Assembly Rooms on George Street. The Penny Dreadfuls and Colin Hoult stole the show - such talented chaps. I had the songs going around in my head for at least 2 days after seeing the show... "no one understands you like we do".

29th: Reggie Watts at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Holy crap this man is INCREDIBLE! Some amazing physical comedy in between the music/beat boxing/singing/stand-up.

31st: Pappy's - All Business at Riverside Studios.

I find Tom Parry absolutely hilarious. He just has to stand on stage and i'd burst out laughing. The show is such a joy to watch; a barrel of fun. If you don't want to get 'Baby' by Justin Bieber stuck in your head, you probably shouldn't see it.

A few sketches in, Matthew Crosby piped up with "oh, we should say, we can't write sketches".

A thought.

Why on earth would Heidi Montag do that to her beautiful face and body? Plastic Surgery is evil.

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