Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Latitude Festival. Day Two.

Felt a bit cold in the night and woke up very hot. Washed, changed, queued for ages to get through the entrance gates and headed towards the Comedy Arena.

11.00 Phill Jupitus & Friends Improv Show. The tent was packed, so I had to use my ears and not my eyes. A bit shit when it's improv.
12.15 Craig Campbell. I can't even remember what he looked like. Oops.
12.45 Doc Brown. I really, really, really like Doc Brown; very original.
13.15 Stephen K. Amos. He used material from years ago... so did most of the comics, actually (except Mark Watson and David O'Doherty).
14.15 Seann Walsh. Finished his set by saying "can I go now?" to the compere backstage. I don't think he enjoyed it very much.
14.45 Miles Jupp. He appealed to the very middle class audience and reminded me of Humphrey Ker.
15.45 Caberet Arena: Tom Basden. One of my highlights of the festival. He performed off the stage, just in front of the audience, and did quite a bit of interacting. He took a few requests (Mamma Mia was one of them) and played his Neighbours song (love it!).
16.45 Chris Ramsey. LIKE.
17.15 Comedy Arena: David O'Doherty. So good! A mix of old and new stuff. The panda facts went down a treat. Yay!
18.40 Oblisk Arena: Laura Marling. She was my favourite musical act of the festival - AMAZING.
20.00 Empire of the Sun. Pretty good and very, very quirky. Dancers with swordfish heads anybody?
21.00 Florence and the Machine. I was a a long way back so didn't enjoy it as much as I should have done. 'Drumming Song' was EPIC.
22.00 Literary Salon: Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra. A tiny, quaint tent which added to the performance. I loved 'The Taste of Hair' and Jim Bob's 'Angelstrike'.
00.00 The Waterfront Stage: Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn's Stories for the Starlit Sky. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The first story is my favourite.
01.00 Literary Arena: Robin Ince's Book Club; Cockney Singalong. The same line-up as the night before with the addition of Helen Arney and Gavin Osborn. SO MUCH FUN.
01.30 Pappy's. Face-achingly funny. I laughed so hard at Tom Parry trying to pogostick across a very tiny stage; he broke two mic stands.

A thought.

I wanted to dance so bad at the cockney singalong, but my self-consciousness got the better of me. Damn it.

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