Saturday, 9 April 2011

Live At The Chapel: Stewart Francis.

My friends and I made the last minute decision to attend Live at the Chapel; a decision well made. The Union Chapel is a brilliant venue and the line-up included the likes of Alun Cochrane, Kevin Eldon, Phil Nichol, Stewart Francis and MC, Greg Davies.

Greg Davies is an incredibly funny man. His opening gambit, most of which was directed at my 20 year old friend, had me crying with laughter - the kind of laughter where you giggle at something and the funnies keep coming thick and fast and you loose all self-control. The mental image of him skipping around the stage shouting "beard! Beard! Beard, Beard!" in a high-pitched voice will stay with me forever.

I hadn't seen Alun Cochrane in aaaaaages (I think I last saw him in the same venue at least a year ago) and I found his jokes and delivery had changed a bit. He used to be quite pessimistic and deadpan. I enjoyed his observational comedy (in a rather chipper manner) about his family.

Kevin Eldon came out as Paul Hamilton and recited a series of poems. I want to shower him with praise - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

Phil Nichol did tried and tested material and he always goes down really well whenever I manage to see him. I was surprised that he didn't do 'I'm The Only Gay Eskimo'.

Wasn't impressed with Stewart Francis, but I rarely enjoy one-liners. He made lots of comments about the quality of the audience. Hmm.

A thought.

How does trust work with new friends? Do you trust them with small things and then increase that trust until/if they break it (and then never trust them again)?

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